Step-by-step guide

  1. Launch the MagSwipe Configuration Software with the known working reader connected to a USB port of the computer directly
  2. Click the "Change Advanced Reader Settings" on the left (step #1) and then follow the numbered sequence in the screenshot below to get the working reader's settings read into this software
  3. You should see this confirmation pops  up:  
  4. Click the OK button. Disconnect the working reader first and then connect the new reader to the USB port 
  5. Click on the Clone to MSR button (step # 6) shown in the screenshot below:
  6. You should see this confirmation pops up:


Test read a card in Notepad to confirm the output looks exactly the same as the working reader's. And then do a transaction in your app to confirm it works.


This works with all the IDTECH USB/HID, USBKB & RS232 interface card readers that this Configuration software supports. (e.g. SecureMag, Easy Mag, SecureHead, etc.)

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