• High-contrast color digital display, customers can be guided to tap, insert or swipe to complete their transaction
  • Supports magnetic stripe, EMV Chip and contactless cards, and NFC mobile payments
  • MasterCard PayPass, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay and Discover DPAS applications
  • Apple Pay, Apple VAS, Google SmartTap 2.1, Android PAY, Samsung Pay
  • RS232, USB HID
  • EMV L1 and L2 certified, PCI 5.X SRED certified
  • ISO 14443, ISO 18092 Peer to Peer, and Mifare support
  • Available with SRED and non-SRED versions
  • Uses Neo 2 firmware protocol
  • Use 4C terminal configuration

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There are Test/Demo VP6300s and there are Production VP6300s. Test/Demo units are injected with a demo encryption key, so the tester can decrypt the data. Production units are injected with a production encryption key only the key owner will beable to decrypt the data. Inspect the model number on the label carefully. If the model number has a "D", it is a TEST unit. If not, it is a Production unit. TEST units will ONLY work with firmware signed for TEST units. The firmware file is depicted as Test unit firmware by the word "TEST" in the firmware's filename. Likewise, production units will only work with firmware signed for production units. I.e. You cannot load demo firmware on to a production unit or visa versa... it won't work.


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Contact EMV:

Contact L1 

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contact-emv-l1

Contact L2

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contact-emv-l2

Contactless EMV

EMV L1 Contactless

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l1

AMEX L2 Contatless

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-amex

Discover L2 Contactless

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-discover

Mastercard L2 Contactless

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-mastercard

Visa L2 Contactless

Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-visa


Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-upi

Formerly China Union Pay


Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-jcb


Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-interac


Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-pboc


Labels needed:product(s), cert, contactless-emv-l2-felica


EMV Questionnaire

Labels needed:product(s), cert, emv-questionnaire


Labels needed:product(s), cert, pci

Mastercard TQM

Labels needed:product(s), cert, mastercard-tqm

This covers both contact and contactless


Labels needed:product(s), cert, rhos


Labels needed:product(s), cert, reach


Labels needed:product(s), cert, fcc


Labels needed:product(s), cert, ce


Labels needed:product(s), cert, ul

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