This information and the CAPK files are for demonstration purposes only. You should receive your CAPKs from you Gateway or Processor.

Loading CAPK from a CAPK file:

In the uDemo are commands to save and Retrieve CAPKs.  From that command you can get to a form (see # 5, 6 and 9 below) that is designed to simplify providing the various elements needed when saving a CAPK to a credit card reader (terminal). From the form, users can save/load CAPK files to simplify the process even further. ID TECH can provide the file for a particular CAPK. The file with these instructions will make saving CAPKs to you reader very easy.

  1. Launch uDemo with the Spectrum Pro (or other reader) connected. Look to see the the uDemo recognizes the correct reader is connected.
  2. expand the EMV commands
  3. expand the CAPK commands
  4. choose the Save CAPK command
  5. Click the Form button to open the CAPKForm dialog box.
  6. Click the Load button 
  7. Browse to the CAPK file
  8. click Open
  9. click OK
  10. Click Execute Command
  11. Lock for the "Save CAPK Successful: " result


CAPK files: