Card readers that use keyboard emulation to communicate with their hosts may experience data loss if the reader's output is faster than the host device can handle. For this reason, most readers have a way to slow down the output to alleviate the problem.

Here is a breakdown of the Set Character Delay command, and it was originally a SecureMag PS/2 feature.  This command (or similar) should work for the SecureMag Family and it's successors. (SecureHead, SecuRED, SecureKey, SREDKey, Augusta)

For Augusta:

0x30 - Delay 1.2ms (Default)
0x31 - Delay 2ms
0x32 - Delay 5ms
0x33 - Delay 10ms
0x34 - Delay 20ms
0x35 - Delay 50ms
0x36 - No Delay

You can execute this command from the uDemo. In fact, it is easier in uDemo because uDemo and wrap the command for you. See the image below.

The difference between V1.01.013 with V1.01.014:
V1.01.013 - Set QuickChip Mode command only changes EMV L2 Transaction mode. USB-KB interface command is needed to change interface.
V1.01.014 - Set QuickChip Mode command changes EMV L2 Transaction mode to QuickChip and also changes interface to USB-KB.