For Visa, Amex, and Discover: tag 9F66

For Mastercard Paypass/ MChip: Tag FFFC



For supporting MSD only for Visa, Amex, and Discover:
You have to set Tag 9F66 to 80 00 40 00 in your default config group (group 0)
For Master card paypass, you have to set tag FF FC to 01 in your paypass group (group 1)

The easiest way to set this is through the uDemo:

For setting Visa:

  1. Click on "Save Terminal Data"
  2. int the TLV box add tag 9F660480004000 to the end of the TLV group
  3. Execute the command

Save terminal data command saves the default TLV values in group 0

For setting Master card:

  1. click "save configuration group"
  2. Add the tag FFFC0101 to the end of the TLV settings
  3. execute the command

After applying these settings, your contactless terminal should only read MSD cards.

You can confirm this by preforming a contactless transaction and looking at Tag 9f39( POS entry mode).

9f39: 91 means contactless MSD transaction

9F39: 07 means contactless EMV transaction 


If you try to read a contactless EMV card with these settings, the transaction should terminate and you should get an ICC response of 69 85 (command Not allowed)