Note: It is rare that one needs to update the firmware on any product. I would only do it if directed to do so by tech support.

The Spectrum Pro has 2 distinct "firmwares" that may need to be updated. The main control or "application firmware" is known as the "K21 Firmware" or "Application firmware". The security features are based in the "MaxQ firmware". Each firmware can be updated individually. Note: when updating the K21 firmware the Spectrum Pro will need to reboot. The MaxQ firmware can be updated without rebooting.  For this reason you may want to update the MaxQ firmware first when updating both. The screenshot below shows how to check the extended firmware version on a Spectrum Pro. the K21 reports as "Spectrum Pro Application" and the MaxQ reports as "ID TECH Spectrum Pro Firmware". It is good to check this before and after you update to verify the update was successful.

The instructions below describe how to update the firmware on the Spectrum Pro using the USDK demo (uDemo). The process is the same for both K21 and MaxQ firmwares. Only the file changes. 

In uDemo, with Spectrum Pro connected, execute the Update Firmware command

Navigate to the firmware file(S), click Open. 

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