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If you want to reject a card with no ODA capabilities.

you can get ODA capabilities from the tag DFEF7F.

DFEF7F: 88 or 82: ODA performed and success

DFEF7F: not presnet or other value: Card not request ODA or ODA failed

Please refer to the definition for DFEF7F in details.


 Bit 7 – ODA/Online performed: 1 performed, 0 Not performed

 Bit 6 – RFU

 Bit 5 – RFU

 Bit 4 – RFU

 Bit 3 – fDDA performed: 1 performed, 0 Not performed

 Bit 2 – fDDA failed: 1 Failed,  0 Succeed

 Bit 1 – SDA performed: 1 performed, 0 Not performed

 Bit 0 – SDA failed: 1 Failed,  0 Succeed


The VISA kernel in our reader is VCPS(Online + offline) + Online ODA function.

For Transit transaction, if you want to get Online request + Online ODA.

Here is the recommendation config if do Visa transit transaction using the current Visa kenel:

TTQ: 27 00 40 00 (Online ODA support)

9F1B: 00 00 00 00 (Can go online)

For the transaction result:

Online request + DFEF7F(88 0r 82): Online ODA performed and success

Any result + DFEF7F(00) or DFEF7F not present: Card doesn't request Online ODA, this kind of card do not meed the requirment for transit transaction.

Declined + DFEF7F (Present and Not 88 or 82 or 00): ODA performed and failed.


For TTQ in transaction result, because our reader will go online, we will set Byte 2 bit 8=1 always whatever the setting is.

In Transit Spec, this bit can be 0 or 1. In VCPS TTQ byte 2 bit 7-8 is dynamically not static.