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Q1: Does the VP3300BT support Quick Chip KB emulation over Bluetooth?

A1: No, the reader only supports Quick Chip KB emulation over HID at this time.

Q2: Does the VP3300 Quick Chip keyboard output/behavior mimic that of the Augusta?

A2: Yes, with firmware v1.01.147 and higher

How to configure reader from USB-HID to Quick Chip KB

  1. Open uDemo
  2. Configure reader to 5C and load 5C terminal data
  3. Set poll mode to Quick Chip (0x02, 0x03 or 0x04)
    1. Set Poll Mode (Command 01-01) Reference

      00h = Auto Poll (USB I/F auto set to USB/HID)

      01h = Poll on Demand (USB I/F auto set to USB/HID)

      02h = QuickChip (USB I/F auto set to USB KB)

      03h = QuickChip (enable QuickChip for CT + MSR)

      04h = QuickChip (enable QuickChip for CL + MSR)