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There are two ways to get the reader into USB KB mode:

1. If you want to be in KB-QuickChip mode, you must execute device_setPollMode set value 2,3 or 4; or with USDK Demo, under Device>Set Poll Mode; or send NEO command 01-01 with values 02,03,or 04. You should NOT execute Device->Set KB Mode, as that is sending command 01-0A for simplified KB mode without enable the QuickChip

2. If you want simplified KB mode (straight MSR output, no detecting EMV card), then execute Device->Set KB Mode.

When you want to go back to HID mode, if you are in KB-QuickChip, you need to change the poll mode back to 0 or 1. If you are in KB-Simplified mode, you need to execute Device->Set HID mode (this is the 01-0A function).


In other words:

If you entered KB mode with 01-0A command, you must go back to HID mode using 01-0A command

If you entered KB mode by setting the poll mode to be 2, 3 or 4, you must go back to HID mode by set poll mode back to 0 or 1