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VP6800 reader is not able to take any 02-40 command. the status code indicates a parameter error . why??

Removal detection should be activated, otherwise the transaction with MSR will be rejected.

Following steps show how to activate removal detection
1. use some tape or other method to hold the removal detection button down

2. Activate removal detection using the VP6800's UI:

 1). To pop-up the menu: short press right corner- long press left corner 
 2). Select 'Removal Detection'
 3). Password 1 is 12345678, Password 2 is 87654321
 4). Select 'Activate Removal'
 5). After 'Success' is shown. Then removal detection is activated.

Watch the video here...


For the first time, device will ask to change the default password.  The procedure is

Step1: Operator 1 enters the default password 12345678

Step2: Operator 2 enters the default password 87654321

Step3: Operator 1 enters the new password twice.

Step4: Operator 2 enters the new password twice.