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Please visit our VP3300BT home page in our Knowledge Base where you can find more useful documents, tools, and SDKs of this reader.  

Expend the "SDKs" section and you shall find the iOS SDK package. This package includes the APIs, source code and a demo app for you to install on your iOS device.

After installing the demo app, you can try to connect the VP3300BT reader by the instructions here.

  1. Ensure your VP3300BT BLE reader is fully charged
  2. settings -> Bluetooth -> ON
  3. run the VP3300 demo app. if it shows"Untrusted Enterprise Developer" message, go 4. otherwise, go 6
  4. settings -> General -> Device Management -> International Technologies -> select "Trust International Technologies ..." -> "Trust"
  5. run the demo app again.
  6. "Search for BLE".... and get the device name after the BLE DEVICE FOUND:
  7. Enter/replace the device name you found in the upper right box 
  8. search for BLE again...