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To make development easier to ID TECH's latest PCI-EMV insert reader (the VP5300), ID TECH has created a development kit that contains everything that you need for development.  :

  • Insert Reader: SPTP2-988-33-2CD-0C: VP5300 injected with the ANSI demo key
  • PIN Pad: IDPB-600400MD: SmartPIN L100 injected with ANSI demo key
  • NFC: ID-80152002-001: VP5300 NFC Antenna
  • Interface Cables:
    • 80141219-001: VP5300-L100 cable
    • 80152210-001: VP5300 USB cable
    • 80152211-001: VP5300 RS232 cable
  • Power Supply: 140-2035-00: 9V USA power supply
  • Contactless test card: 241-0015-03: Mifare test card

The video below describes the items that come with the kit and how they plug in together.