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Can the Augusta USB-HID device be injected with a data encryption Key, but in Security Level 2 which still outputs the non-encrypted data? If so, how to enable the encryption later?

How can I enable encryption on an Augusta reader that has been injected with a key (IDEM-251N)?


The Augusta IDEM-251N is currently the only model we have which supports Security Level 2 (with data key injected but the MSR and EMV encryption are OFF). It will be on the TDES encryption once the user turns on the MSR and/or EMV encryption by sending the "78 53 01 07 02 xx 00" command via our uSDK Demo where the option byte "xx" is defined below:

01 MSR Encryption is On

10 ICC Encryption is On

11 both MSR and ICC encryption is OnRelated articles

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