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The problem here is that PayPass 3.0.2 does not support 9F1D, unless specifically configured.  This can be done by adding the 9F1D tag one of the proprietary TLVs included in the process, through tag FF69.

In IDTech's NEO product line, we implemented this 'adding' method by using TLV FF69, Proprietary TLV Tag List.

When the ATM controller configures the other group TLV, IT MUST ALSO CONFIGURE 9F1D INSIDE THE FF69 CONSTRUCT TLV.

Normally, there are no proprietary TLV to be included.
In the reader this means that FF69 is empty if it exists:

FF 69 00

However, in this case, you want the reader to maintain Terminal Risk Management Data (9F1D).

First, determine what the relevant value is for 9F1D.

For example: set 9F1D Tag to MC config as 0c22800000000000. you shall add ff690b9f1d080c22800000000000 in the MC group.

Here is tag 9F1D bitmap definition.