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 ISO/IEC 18092 describes 3 modes. 

• Read/Write: In this mode, the NFC enabled phone can read or write data to any of the supported tag types in a standard NFC data format.

• Peer-to-Peer: Two NFC-enabled devices can exchange data. They could share a WiFi or Bluetooth link, for example. Or exchange data in the form of virtual business cards and photos.

• Card-Emulation: While NFC-enabled phones can act as a reader when in contact with tags, in this mode, the phone can also act as a tag (contactless card) for other readers (POS terminals) 

The Concepts can also be applied to a contactless card readers. However, ID TECH's readers that support any part of ISO 18092, ONLY support Peer-to-peer mode. They do NOT support ReadWrite Mode nor Card-Emulation mode.