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The UniMag family of audio jack readers communicate with the host device (phone or tablet) via the audio jack. The way this works is similar to a fax machine. In that, the card is read and the character stream is converted to an audio signal and is sent to the phone or tablet via the audio jack. An application written using ID TECH's audio jack SDK (software development kit) will "listen" to the audio and convert it back to characters by decoding the audio signal. 

The SDK (software development kit) makes use of an .xml file (umcfg.xml). This file is a library of "settings profiles" for mobile devices by model number. Your mobile device will need to be present in this file. We keep the most complete version of this file (umcfg.xml) on our online Knowledge Base. You should open the file in any text editor (like notepad), search for your phone's model number as reported by the OS (How do I find my Android device's model number?). If present, your good to go. If not, you will want to add it. There are several ways to make this happen (see below). Once the file has a settings profile for your model number, you can test it in the UniMag Utility (available in the app store). Use the re-load XML option to test that the file enables you to get a good swipe. Then the app provider will need to rebuild the app with the new file.

Ways a settings profile can be identified and added to the umcfg.xml file for a device not already present in the file:

1. You can try to Copy a similar model's profile and change the model number to match your device. You can test the new umcfg.xml file using the "re-load XML" feature in the UniMag Utility.

2. You can use auto config in the UniMag Demo (available in the app store). Then look for the Data file or the latest log file created by the demo app. You can test the new umcfg.xml file using the "re-load XML" feature in the UniMag Utility.

3. Use auto config in the UniMag Demo then swipe successful and use the apps email feature to send us the results. A tech support case will be automatically created and you will be notified.

4. Send us your device and we will test and add it to the file if possible. Be sure to get an RMA number before sending us anything or it will be refused.

For iOS Users:

Virtually all Apple devices (iPhones, iPads with an audio jack... The lightning to audio jack adapter provided by apple also works in our experience) have excellent audio quality/specifications and are therefore compatible and should work without any additional configuration. Just make sure the audio is clear and unaltered. Turn the volume up (80 - 100%) make sure it is set to stereo not mono. No equalizer, no base-boost, no effects.

For Android Users:

Any android device that has good audio quality can work.  Turn the volume up (80 - 100%) make sure it is set to stereo not mono. No equalizer, no base-boost, no effects.

The application will only support the model numbers present in the umcfg.xml file when the app was built. If you add a settings profile and find it works with you device using our demo app, the application will need to be re-built using the updated umcfg.xml file. Send us the setting profile so we can add it to the current file we post on our Knowledge Base.

If you are having trouble downloading the umcfg.xml file try holding down you alt key when you click to download. Some browsers will want to preview the file instead of download it.

If you are somewhat technical, you can try copying the "settings profile" of a similar device". Similar models will often work with the same settings.Find a block of code (a settings profile) for a similar model. Copy it and change it to reference your model number. Use the "Load XML" feature in the UniMag Utility to test it.

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