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Download, extract and run the MagSwipe Configuration Utility. Follow the steps below


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File 80046804-009 MagSwipe Configuration Utility (Knowledge Base > Downloads - Home)
80046804009 80046804 tool minimagii securemag securehead easymag kbdownload kbfile secured valuemag kbtool minimagduo versakey magswipeconfigurationutility software
Zip Archive - 4.90 MB - Nov 02, 2018 - Download - Attachments
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Page: How to use the MagSwipe Configuration software to send a manual command to the reader? (Knowledge Base)
... manual command for the specific setting you need from the command list Launch the MagSwipe Configuration Software and follow the numbered steps in the screenshot below to get the reader configured ...
Feb 14, 2018
Labels: kb-article, securehead, securemag, easymagii, minimagii ... 2 more labels.
Page: MagSwipe Configuration Utility - How to configure card reader with a configure file provided? (Knowledge Base)
... save to file feature shown in Step 6 below. 1. Downloaded and installed MagSwipe Configuration Software  on a PC 2. Launch the above mentioned software utility ...
Dec 05, 2018
Labels: kb-article, securehead, securemoir, securemag, spectrumair ... 3 more labels.
Page: How to reset a reader to default settings in MagSwipe Configuration Utility (Knowledge Base)
Describe when someone would need this information. For example "when connecting to wifi for the first time". Stepbystep guide image2018112112310.png image2018112112255.png   You may also want to use visual panels to communicate related information, tips or things ...
Nov 02, 2018
Labels: kb-article, securemag, minimagii, magswipe-configuration-utility, minimag
Page: MagSwipe Configuration Utility - Home (Knowledge Base)
Downloads Home Related Articles: Supported Readers: SecureMag, MiniMag, MiniMag II, ValueMag, EasyMag, Versakey, MiniMag Duo, Secure Head, Omni Duo securemag minimag minimagii valuemag easymag versakey minimagduo securehead omniduo omni kbtoolpage
Nov 02, 2018
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Page: FAQ - MiniMag & Easy Mag (Knowledge Base)
... Demo software IDMB & IDRA only IDMB3331xx Keyboard No special driver needed MagSwipe OPOS Driver for Keyboard interface , IDMB, IDRA & IDEA only MagSwipe JPOS Driver IDMB, IDRA only MagSwipe OPOS Demo software IDMB & IDRA ...
Oct 29, 2018
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Page: How to output MSR track data without carriage returns (print all tracks on one-line) (Knowledge Base)
... Run MagSwipe Configuration Utility, navigate to "Track Setting" tab image201913104929.png Remove ...
Jan 03, 2019
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Page: How to set the Polling Interval on a MiniMag II? (Knowledge Base)
... may be necessary on certain computers. The instructions below show you how to use the MagSwipe Configuration Utility to change the setting. the default value is 1 this is the fastest. Increase the value ...
Oct 01, 2018
Labels: kb-article, faq-item, minimagii, magswipe-configuration-utility, polling-interval
PNG File MMII Disable the beeper.png (Knowledge Base > Pictures - Home)
minimagduo securemag minimagii magswipeconfigurationutility
Image - 38 kB - Oct 18, 2018 - Download - Attachments
Labels: securemag, minimagii, magswipe-configuration-utility, minimagduo
PDF File 80096509-001-A SecureMag USB-CDC Quickstart Manual.pdf (Knowledge Base > Downloads - Home)
... times. 7. The LED will remain green under normal operating conditions. 6 MAGSWIPE TM CONFIGURATION UTILITY SecureMag data format can be configured when the encryption ...
PDF Document - 185 kB - Dec 19, 2016 - Download - Attachments
Labels: quickstart, securemag, 80096509-001, 80096509-001-a, usb-cdc ... 4 more labels.