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Wiki: Apple's MFi Program

Apple licenses the use of its connectors to manufacturers. So if you are an iOS developer, and you have an application that will make use of an ID TECH reader, your application may need to be added to that reader's Product Plan before Apple will approve your application to be listed in the App Store.

Which ID TECH readers require this? Which ones do not, and why? Answer: Any products that use Apple's proprietary Lightning connector fall into the MFI bucket. This means iMag, iMag Pro, and iMag Pro II. Also, any devices that will communicate via regular Bluetooth (non-BLE) , such as the BTMag. Mobile devices that use the audio jack or Bluetooth BLE (Shuttle,UniMag, Unimag II, UniMag Pro, UniPay, UniPay 1.5, VP3300AJ, VP3300 BT, )do NOT need to be added to a Product Plan in order to be published in the app store.

To have your product added to one of ID TECH's active Product Plans, simply let us know a few key pieces of information:

  • What ID TECH product does your app use?
  • Name of the App as it appears in the App Store
  • App Version
  • Bundle Identifier
  • The External Accessory protocol(s) supported by this app.  (This will be provided by ID TECH)
  • A description of the app (as you wish it to appear in the app store)