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If you have a keyboard emulating reader, you may sometimes observe that the data is being corrupted. A good way to test for this is to open Notepad and scan the same card many times and look for consistent results. If you occasionally see garbage characters or missing characters, this could be evidence that the Keyboard Polling Interval may need some adjustment. This is somewhat common for older/slower computers. It is only applicable to a keyboard emulating reader like the IDSK-534###. The screenshots below show how to use the SREDKey USB Demo  to check the Polling Interval Setting and to change it. The default value is 1 which is the fastest output speed the reader can go. If there is a problem then we suggest you try setting it to 05. A value of 10 is the highest value that has been effective at solving the problem. 1 is very fast. 5 is medium. 10 or higher is slow. 

To check the current value for the Keyboard Polling Interval:

To set the Keyboard Polling Interval: