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Your L100 generates 2 log files when you enable Pin Pad and when you disable Pin Pad. Doing this multiple times will cause the l100's log to fill up, resulting in the L100 beeping rapidly and disallowing activation of the Pin Pad

To clear the L100's log, you will have to use pass-through mode via the VP 5300. The Vp 5300 is able to go into a 'passthrough' mode where commands can be issued directly to the device.

If you are working with a Spectrum Pro, please instead consult: How Do I Clear the Log Files in My L100? 

Please download and install the latest version of our uDemo from our knowledge base: uDemo (USDK_DEMO) - Home 

Connect your L100 to the VP 5300, and connect your VP 5300 to your host device using your interface of choice. 
Please ensure that the L100 is connected and awake:

1. In the uDemo, under the "device" tab, there is a "send NEO command" option in the commands list
2. In the dialog box, enter the following command to enter passthrough mode. CMD = 63, Sub = 02, Data = 01 and press "Execute Command"

The results window should read "Send P2 Command successful"

3. to clear the log files of the L100, select 'Send Data Command' enter the command "78520151" and press "Execute Command".

The results window should be filled with the response from the log file dump if this is the first time you have run it.

If you receive a "Send Command Fail Error Code: 0x3: time out for task or CMD" response, make sure your L100 is powered and awake.

In the above screenshot, there were no logs to dump. If you see this, your L100 is clean.

You can resend this command to ensure you see this response.

4. to exit passthrough mode on the VP 5300, in the dialog box, enter the following command to exit passthrough mode. CMD = 63, Sub = 02, Data = 00 and press "Execute Command"

At this point, your L100 reader is set to go. Try pairing it and setting the passwords. Good luck!