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Our C# SDK is for projects that will be developed in a .NET environment. Projects developed with this SDK will target Windows, or use the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

If you are looking for a C++ or Java SDK (for a non-.NET environment, on Windows, Mac, or Linux), either go to the products home page on Knowledge Base or click the following link,


We usually deliver this SDK in a Zip file built for a specific product (like the Augusta reader). We call this Zip file an SDK Package. You can find the product-specific SDK packages on each product's "home page" here in ID TECH's Knowledge Base.  By supporting one API across all products, the Universal SDK allows a developer to work with all of our featured products in a common way. So a project built for an Augusta will require little to no modification to work, also, with a VP3300.

Each SDK package includes:

  1. Libraries - DLLs for Microsoft .NET 4.0 or greater.  One or more of the following libraries will be referenced by the project:

    1. WinForms 

      1. Augusta_config.dll
      2. Augusta_device.dll

      3. Augusta_emv.dll

      4. Augusta_icc.dll

      5. Augusta_KB_config.dll

      6. Augusta_KB_device.dll

      7. Augusta_KB_msr.dll

      8. Augusta_KB_parse_.dll

      9. Augusta_msr.dll

      10. Augusta_parse.dll

      11. DecryptDLL.dll

      12. IDTechCommDll.dll

      13. IDTechSDK.dll - The Main library

      14. libeay32.dll

      15. ssleay32.dll

    2. UWP

      1. Augusta_config_UWP.dll
      2. Augusta_device_UWP.dll
      3. Augusta_emv_UWP.dll
      4. Augusta_icc_UWP.dll
      5. Augusta_KB_config_UWP.dll
      6. Augusta_KB_device_UWP.dll
      7. Augusta_KB_msr_UWP.dll
      8. Augusta_KB_parse_UWP.dll
      9. Augusta_msr_UWP.dll
      10. Augusta_parse_UWP.dll
      11. DecryptDLL.dll
      12. IDTechCommDll.dll
      13. IDTechSDK_UWP.dll
      14. libeay32.dll
      15. ssleay32.dll
  2. Documentation

    1. IDTech Windows SDK Reference Guide

       Sections of this Guide
      1. Connecting to Augusta

      2. Core Implementation: WinForms

      3. Core Implementation: UWP

      4. Important Security Notice

      5. Main Transaction Commands

      6. EMV Callback

      7. EMV Tag Reference

      8. Tech Windows SDK Guide for Augusta #80145501-001

      9. IDTech Windows SDK Reference Guide for Augusta

      10. Enumeration Reference

      11. Error Code Reference

      12. LCD Foreign Language Mapping Table

  3. Demo Application(s)

    1. Universal SDK Demo (a.k.a. "uDemo")

      1. Source code is provided.
      2. Robust demo with most SDK methods exposed.
      3. Functional GUI. 
      4. Support for USB HID and RS-232 interfaces 
    2. Simple Demo 

      1. This is the demo app that you can build when you follow the Tutorial included in the documentation.
      2. Source code is included.
      3. Simple GUI is used.
      4. Main SDK methods are exposed.


1 Comment

  1. fyi - in regard to the Simple Demo (Augusta), while all of the required DLLs are included, the Solution in the ZIP file is not set up completely.  IDTech.DLL needs to be manually added as a Reference to the VS2017 project.