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For iMag Pro readers, the most common hardware failure results from the lightening connect getting tweaked while connected to the host device. This can cause the connector to become physically bent, or can cause the internal connections to fail. This type of problem is considered "User Induced" and is not covered under warranty. We do NOT provide out of warranty service on mobile readers.This problem is best minimized by using the included brace and by taking great care to NOT apply too much force to the reader while connected to a host device. If the connector is bent or wiggling it causes it to work or not work then there is no need to send it in just to have our service department tell you it is "user induced"/out of warranty. Again, we do NOT provide out of warranty service for mobile readers.

The second most common reason for hardware failures is that the read head gets dirty and starts to misread cards. The misreads get more frequent as time goes on and sometimes will stop reading all together. The best remedy is the clean the reader with commercially available Swipe Head Cleaning Cards

You can test the reader in our Demo app available in the App Store. Search on "id tech" and install ID TECH iMag Reader Pro. Launch the app and connect the reader. The app should indicate "connected" and then you should be able to swipe your card and see data returned to the app. This would indicate the reader itself is functional and in turn implicates the application has a problem or there is some sort of configuration issue. If the app fails to connect, or the reader does not return any results, go through the trouble shooting steps that ensure some setting on the iPhone/iPad is not causing the issue (such as the volume is turned down). If that fails, Create a support ticket with the serial number(s) of the reader(s) and we can check if the reader is in warranty and issue an RMA (return merchandise authorization).