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There are 2 client-side programs that ID TECH has put out that allow one to do RKI: the RKI Client and the uDemo. This article applies to both.

Error message: "Fail to get the firmware version and serial number!"

This message indicates that the command sent to the reader does not return the serial number and firmware as expected. This is probably because either the current "Reader:" selection is not correct for the RKI target (you can try them all if your not sure which one is correct) or the RKI client does not support the product. For example RKI client v3.3.4 does not support Kiosk III and it would give this message. You will need to use the uDemo to do RKI on a Kiosk III as of the time of this writing.

Error message: "RKI Fail Error Code: 0x8001: Authorization: Cannot initialize RKI; no customer/ key information found" 

RKI is a service that is purchased through our sales department. When purchase a serial number for the target unit gets added to our RKI server. If the serial number of the connected is not in the current registry of serial numbers that are queued up to receive RKI, you would see this message. You should be able to resolve this problem with our sales team. Either by buy the RKI service and providing the correct serial number of the target unit. Or by verifying that the correct serial number is on the sales order/invoice.

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