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How do I find the USB HID Vendor ID and Product ID?

  1. Open the Windows Device Manager
  2. Expand the Human Interface Devices node
  3. Double-click the device of interest -- the USB Human Interface Device Properties window appears

    finding the ID TECH reader can be a bit tricky. Try unpluging/re-plugging it from the USB port and look for what item disappeared/re-appeared from the Human Interface Devices category. Or, just check them all. You know you got an ID TECH device when you see the VID 0ACD. 0ACD is ID TECH's Vendor ID

  4. Click the Details tab
  5. In the Property drop-down box, select Hardware Ids

The USB HID VID and PID are displayed.  My Cheeky USB Missile Launcher displays:

The hexadecimal Vendor ID is highlighted in red, Product ID in green and product revision number in blue.