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I have an audio jack reader and I want to swipe a card and see the results.  What do I do?

The ID Tech audio jack reader is supported as a mobile device on the iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and blackberry platforms.   As a card-reading device intended to be used with a dedicated mobile application, it has supported financial payment processing software offers, as well as other apps and services for loyalty, gift card, and ID badge scanning.  

Please visit the iTunes app store for the UniMag Reader app and note that aside to consenting to the privacy permission and handling the potential settings issues detailing in the following knowledge base article, a consideration for specifically selecting the reader type as UniMag Pro is required when using that specific audio jack device to this demonstration software application, which by default uses the Shuttle as its reader type. UniMag Common Issues for iOS SDK

The Google Play Store has a few apps supporting the Unimag and a Universal SDK Demo supporting the UniPay and other devices at version 1.00.  Please see this article for details on how to use the Demo on Android - UniMag Demo walk-through (Google Play app)