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Quick Facts:

  • Description: The audio jack interface on this compact mobile reader makes it ideal for most tablet and mobile phone applications.
  • Readabilities: Contact chip smart card reading, magnetic stripe reading
  • Certifications: EMV Level 1 approval, RoHS approval, FCC/CE approval (This reader does not have an EMV L2 certified kernel, the kernel with need to be developed and certified at the application level)
  • Interface: Audio jack

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  File Modified
XML File umcfg.xml This file contains a "settings profile" by model number for every phone we have tested and verified compatibility. If your device is not in this file, that does not make it incompatible. It means that we have not validated (through testing) the device. Aug 19, 2019 by IT Admin-G

Certifications, LoAs and TQMs: 

 All VP5300 certifications, LoAs and TQMs

Type:Cert  Name:File:Notes:
Contact EMV:

Contact L1 

Contact L2


EMV Questionnaire


Mastercard TQM

This covers both contact and contactless






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