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ICC Postamble

For QuickChip, the postamble can be set using "Set QuickChip mode USB-KB output data postfix" command. 

72 53 01 2A <length> <postfix data>

length is 1 byte; length of postfix data; size is 0~8; default is 0

postfix data is 1~8 byte data

ex) adding a carriage return; 020600*7253012a010d*06fe03 (characters outside of the asterisks will be included in the wrapper for Send Data Command in Augusta Mode)

This command can be sent even if the reader is in USB-KB mode, but the command has to be in the NGA format.  In KB (Legacy) Mode, if Send Data Command is wrapping to ITP/legacy formatting (one byte LRC), uncheck the wrap command option and send the full command above.

This article is specific to the Augusta, but Quick Chip is to be supported on other devices (as of March 2nd, 2017).

MSR Postamble

To configure the MSR postamble, refer to the following command example to have a keyboard emulating reader act as using the enter key.

73 53 01 D3 02 01 0D (this command does include two length bytes, as it accepts variable length settings)