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Before Starting: Talk to your salesperson about creating a sales order for remote key injection. They will provide you with more details, but the sales order should contain the serial number ranges, as well as the key part number you want to inject. 


For this example, we will be using the Augusta. This process should be similar to other readers. 

  1. Open the uDemo
  2. Connect your reader you want to key inject
  3. In the commands menu navigate to "Device" -> "execute RKI" and click on "execute RKI"
  4. Press "Execute Command" 

Note: RKI will take a few seconds to complete. The uDemo will appear to be doing nothing. Please Don't panic, close the uDemo, nor unplug the reader until you see something in the "Results" window. 


Common issues:

The RKI command throws throws 0x6C00 "Length is incorrect"

Double check your KSN. If you happen to be trying out RKI for demo purposes, ensure that your key looks like:


Note the 0xFF after the first 3 bytes. This is due to the Augusta only accepting a Rev.B key block.




  1. Can you RKI a demo key using the USDK tool?  Many thanks Paul

    1. Yes. However, there are some exceptions. SRED products are now being released with distinctive model numbers for Demo versions or Production version. These so designated models can only receive their respective keys.

      This is because they are "born" with a "Demo" or "productions" LCLKEK (local key injection key). The LCLKEK is used to protect the privacy of the DEK (Data encryption key) while it is being transferred to the unit during key injection. The rules stipulate that specially designated demo units are the only unit to receive "un-secure" DEKs.