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After enabling encryption, the SecureMag may have its pre/postamble configured, as it is common to apply a postamble carriage return for encrypting readers using USB-KB.  The SecureMag Demo may interface with most of the ID Tech Secure readers (IDRE-series' and IDHA-series').

Configuring SecureMag/Head via the demo program

These devices' firmware format follows as [STX]{[Command ID][Function ID][Length of data][Data]}[ETX][LRC] where the Command is contained within curly brackets/braces ({}).

Command IDs - 0x52 for Review and 0x53 for SetFunction IDs - See the manual for full details - <-- for the SecureMag USB Keyboard, such as IDRE-334133BE

See below for associated and common Function IDs and setting values and note that aside from certain custom models/configurations, all pre/suffix and pre/postamble are default to null (0x00) and that sentinels are per ISO 7813:2006 and others ('%', ';', and '?' are common start/end sentinel(s))


Note that the demo program will imply fields aside from the command (STX, LRC, and ETX)

D2 - Preamble

D3 - Postamble

To review the postamble using the demo, type 52d3 (not case-sensitive and spaces are optional (52 d3 is treated the same)) and click Send Command

The results will have

CMD: Command with STX, ETX, and LRC having been implied

OUT: 0602d3010003d3, where:

06 - ACK (an unsupported or wrong syntax command should give 0x15 or NACK)

02 - STX

d3 - FID for Postamble

01 - Length of setting

00 - Current setting (this means the device is outputting a null value for this field

03 - ETX

d3 - LRC by Exclusive OR

To set a single byte length field (these are most-typical), use a length of 0x01 followed by the setting (53140101)

To set an optionally and/or multi-byte field, give the length of the entire setting, plus length of the settings, such as:

[stx]53 D3 03 02 09 0D [etx] [lrc]- This will give a Tab followed by a Carriage Return

Other Common Settings

Function IDs

0x21 - Terminator (typically 3F or '?', set to null (0x00) to "disable/remove"

0x34-39 - tracks 1-3 pre/suffix.  Typical ISO encoding style is Seven Bits/Character on track 1, and Five Bits/Character on tracks 2 and 3

7 bits encoding T1 Start Sentinel

 - 53 61 01 00 - from 25

5 bits encoding T2 Start Sentinel

 - 53 65 01 00 - from 3B

T1 end sentinel (all encoding formats)

 - 53 69 01 00 - from 3F

T2 end sentinel

 - 53 6A 01 00 - from 3F

Track Separator

 - 53 17 01 00 - from 0D

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