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OmniReader Cable Pinout

Serial Interface Cable:


Pin #(Molex)  Signal     Pin#(DB9)    Color(for Ref.)                             Note       


          1                  Case Gnd               Shell               Drain (blue?)                         

          2                  Txd                        2                     White                 

          3                  Rxd                        3                     Green

          4                  Vcc                                               Yellow      to Receptacle Pin

          5                  RTS                       8                     Brown

          6                  CTS                       7                     Grey

          7                  Gnd                       5                     Black        to Receptacle Sleeve                    Case Gnd              



Revision F and revision G have the same wire connections.  Here is the table for the pin-out.

Note: The color of the wires are for reference only, they can be changed by the cable manufacture.
Please always go by the pin # and signal name.