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Scope: This article applies to NEO products (UniPay III, Kiosk III, Vendi, Vendi Pro, Spectrum Pro II, VP4880, VP4880C, VP4880E, VP4880 OEM)


You can check the encryption status with the C7-37 command, as outlined in the NEO IDG.
This command can be executed in our Universal Demo.
  1. In the demo go into "Device" and click "Send NEO Command".
  2. the CMD field is C7, the Sub-command is 37.
  3. After filling in the fields, click "Execute Command"
  4. The results window should give you a 1 byte response indicating your encryption status


As of 11-04-2016, there are 3 possible encryption states:

  1. 00. No encryption
  2. 01. MSR encryption only
  3. 02. EMV encryption only
  4. 03. MSR and EMV encryption


NOTE: It IS possible to have a device with NO key injected and an encryption status greater than 00. Encryption status is NOT key status. A reader without a data encryption key will not output encrypted data and an SRED reader without a data encryption key injected will not output any data (clear text, or encrypted).