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  1. Launch by executing the PCSCdemo.exe file from unzipped folder:

2. To get Firmware version, click "Connect to Reader" and make sure the reader is connected w/success then click the Get Version:

  1. To get the setting difference from the factory default, enter the 32 in the Commend window and click the Send Command

4. To retrieve the entire configuration settings, send 52 1F commend:

5. Click the Read MSR and insert a magnetic stripe card and pull it out:

6. Click the Disconnect under Generic CPU Card to release the reader for CPU card test:

7. Insert an IDTECH Test CPU card and click the Read under ID TECH CPU Card, the card data shows:
and then click the OK button to exit the read mode
8. Enter some data in the Command window and click the Write under ID TECH CPU Card:

If no data was in the Command window, you'll be prompt to enter the data:

Click the Read again to verify the data is being written to the chip:

9. To read or write a no ID TECH CPU test card (your own card), click the Connect To Card under the Generic CPU Card section:

10. Enter each command the Command window and click the Send APDU and verify the Response per card specification:

11. It will be easier to put together a script and click the Run Script under Special Commands and browse over to the folder where your script is stored and select the script file and click the Open to send the entire script: (below is a sample script for IDTECH standard T=0 test card)

12. Click the Disconnect under Generic CPU card to release the card so you can do other non-chip card test as needed or simply click the Exit button to close the Demo app