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When execute the test tool "JRE32bit\POStest\POStest.bat", an error message below showed up:
Failed to open "defaultMSR"
Exception: Fail to open connector,ps2kb

This occurs with the JavaPOS driver version 80128802-002-A_V1.13.4  but does not occur with the previous version JPOS (80066808-004-A). 

The environment are as below
  • OS: Windows Embedded POSReady 7 (32 bit)
  • JRE: JRE 7 (32 bits)
  • Driver version: 80128802-002-A_V1.13.4 for JRE 32 bits
  • Selected device name: IDTECHMSR_PS2KB
  • MSR Keyboard Base Driver V1.06 
  • MSR Model: :ID TECH IDMB-333433B-NC


The problem is due to customer put the  "IDTECH_KeyboardHook.dll" and "PS2Conn.dll" and other dll file to the "C:\\Windows

system32" which causes the JPOS fail to load them hence it failed to open our reader.

The fix is to remove the dll files from the "C:\\Windows system32" folder.

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