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Trying to find the correct drivers for the WCR3227-633U for windows 7. Only ones I can find on the  site are for XP
Can you help?


Step-by-step guide

  1. Please go to to locate the appropriate driver for your specific OS version. 
    e.g. for Windows OS, find on the far right where Windows drivers are located a link called available as a "Setup Executable".
  2. Click the link to get the installer.
  3. Install the driver, restart your machine, and the reader should initialize as a USB-COM Driver with a Port designation.
  4. Check Ports in device manager to confirm that a USB COM Port was assigned and note which one it is (i.e. COM 8).
  5. You must then direct your application to use this COM Port or else it should detect the reader by checking the list for the associated device.




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