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A: To make the transaction time to be accurate, you can add or modify the value to the DFEF43 tag in your Group 0 settings.

  1. Download and install the DotNet SDK Demo from Universal Library for Visual Studio - Home
  2. Retrieve the reader's current date and time by sending the 25-06 command with no data (see below screenshot)

    Please be aware that the date & time stored in the reader is the UTC time.

  3. Define the 4-byte value of the DFEF43 tag based on the definition of the tag below:

Byte1: +/-, indicate the current timezone is ahead or behind UTC.
Byte2: HH, hours of the time difference between the local and UTC.
Byte3: MM, minutes of the time difference between the actual local time in the reader with UTC.
Byte4: Flag for daylight saving, set 1 to indicate daylight saving enabled.

E.g. I'm in California (PST) which is 7 hr behind the UTC and we are currently in summer saving time, and if the time retrieved from the reader is 5 mins ahead of the actual local time. So, the 4 bytes value of the DFEF43 should be "2d070501" where:

2d is the hex code for the "-"

07 is the hour that we are behind of the UTC

05 is the minutes that the reader is currently ahead of the actual local time

01 indicates that the summer saving is on

4. Add the "DFEF43042d070501" tag in your group 0 settings by sending the 04-00 command with data DFEF43042d070501 if the DFEF43 doesn't exist in your current group 0 or modify the value of the existing DFEF43 tag in Group 0.

And then, do a transaction test to verify the transaction time (tag 9F21) is reflecting the correct local time.  

If you need further help with this, please send an email to our Support Portal ( with the following information provided:

  1. the UTC date/time retrieved from your VP5300 by sending the "25-06" command with no data as shown in the screenshot above
  2. the group 0 settings from your VP5300 reader by sending the  04-00 command with no data and sending us the response string. 
  3. your location (State), the actual local time when the 26-06 command is sent, whether you are currently in the summer saving time 

So we can help you to figure out the correct value for the DFEF43 tag to be added to Group 0. 

Keep in mind though the UTC time residing in the reader won't be affected by the value change of the DFEF43 tag.  Also, you may want to adjust it every once in a while if the time is drifting off ver time.