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I’d like to change the baud rate from 115200 to 9600 for the VP6300 reader. Sending the command in uDemo with the reader connected to a USB port does not seem to work.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connect the reader to a COM port
  2. Launch the uDemo which is the DotNet SDK Demo downloaded from Universal Library for Visual Studio - Home 
  3. Set the uDemo to the default baud 115200 under Connection>Serial Port Options>Baud Rate (refer to the 2nd screenshot below)
  4. Select the NEO 2 option under the Connect To Device to connect to the reader
  5. Send the 30-01-01 command by following the steps shown in the screenshot below:   
  6. Once the command is sent successfully, cycle the power to the reader, then set the Baud Rate to 9600 and then select the NEO 2 to connect to the reader again in the new baud: (see screenshot below): 

The change baud rate command is only supported with the reader connecting to a COM port and working in the RS232 interface mode, it's not supported with the reader working in the USB interface mode.