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In order to remove the SmartPIN L100 from its installation (that is, before pressure is released from the Removal Detection Pressure Points), Removal Detection must first be deactivated, or else the unit will become disabled and any passwords will be lost.  The section called How to Deactivate Removal Detection describes the steps that must be taken to make the unit safe for removal.


At this point, if you check the LED on the back of the L100 you should see a steady (not blicking) green light.

4 Pairing (High Level Overview)


<GM - 2/27/2018 3:08:31 PM> I used the command 76 38 successfully (uncheck MAC data)

As long as the Spectrum Pro and L100 have each been injected with a Pairing Key, pairing the units is straightforward, as it merely requires sending Spectrum Pro a specific firmware command (76 46 38 00 00), which you can easily do with the Universal Demo's "Send Data Command" facility. (Be sure to check the "Wrap as NGA" checkbox when sending a raw command.)


If PIN blocks are not being received and you are sure the L100 is securely mounted and working properly, check that the green operating status light on the back of the unit (not the front bezel), near the power wiring, is illuminated. If it is not (if just the amber light is showing), readjust clamps or mountings on the front bezel to be sure the removal-detection buttons are depressed, and recheck the light. (These buttons can be tricky. Use thin shims or metal strips if necessary to make sure the buttons are down when the unit is in final position.) When the green light is showing, you can put the reader in Removal Detection Mode: Re-power the L100, and when the unit beeps, quickly enter the logon sequence (Cancel Clear Enter Blank Clear Enter), then at the prompts, enter the user passwords; then select Enable CR from the menu. You should see an Activation Success message.

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