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A: Most SDKs are now available free of charge here in our  Knowledge Base. Find your products "Home" page to find what SDKs have been made available. ID TECH has a mobile reader, evaluation kit, available for purchase. This evaluation kit includes a mobile reader injected with a demo key (if applicable), a CD with the SDK for Apple, Android & Blackberry devices, manuals, and other technical documents. 

2.How can I get the password for downloading the SDK for my mobile reader?

A: The SDK downloading from ID TECH website is for customers who have purchased evaluation kit from ID TECH. Please contact the salesperson if you didn't receive it when you receive the evaluation kit. If the reader is purchased through a reseller or a distribution, please contact them for the SDK.  The password is still available on request, but please check the product's home page in this  Knowledge Base for your device to locate development materials.

3.What software can be used to test the UniMag with an Apple device?


6.How do I test the mobile card reader with my Android phone and how to send in the log file from the phone if it’s not working?

A: You can download/instll the UniMag Utility (see FAQ #5 above) and follow the steps below to test the UniMag with your phone.


A: After a card swipe is captured, the application usually jumps to another view which shows summarized transaction information. Before switching to the next view, the application should remove all observers, call closeConnection function and then release UniMag instance. Customers Developers can refer to the demo source code included in the SDK package.