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As of 2/1/2020,   all .Net 4.5 (multi-file) SDKs have been deprecated.  Our Visual Studio SDK consists of a a single library with documentation of all the device API calls. There are builds provided for .Net 6.5.1, .Net Standard 2.0, .Net Standard 2.1 and .NetCore 3.1, allowing it to work across multiple platforms. 

Quick Facts:

  • This is a single file SDK now (IDTechSDK.dll).  There are additional system dependencies that will be part of the NuGet installation process.
  • The new minimum .Net standard is 4.6.1.  Previous users that set their maximum compatibility level to .Net 4.5 must now increase the minimum support level. If this is not an option, the legacy version can continued to be used, but with limited support and no update schedule.
  • The SDK libraries will be maintained on NuGet. Additional documentation and source code files will be maintained on this page. 

On NuGet:

Current Standard SDK package available on NuGet: IDTechSDK_STD

Available Downloads:

  File Modified
ZIP Archive Cross Platform Source Code Example code that compiles on Windows, Mac and Linux using .NET Core 3.1 and ID TECH .NET SDK Feb 19, 2020 by IT Admin-G
PDF File Universal Demo QuickStart Guide.pdf Rev G Jul 29, 2020 by Chris Barton
ZIP Archive iOS demo app source code, using Xamarin / Visual Studio. Beta Release. Oct 27, 2020 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive / SDK Command Line Utility for updating Firmware, RKI and ViVOconfig configurations Jan 06, 2021 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive dot NET SDK Demo Source Windows .NET SDK Source Code using .NET SDK v2.1.2.136 / App v2.1.1.94 Jan 12, 2021 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive Console app to update VP3300 from to Jan 14, 2021 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive Windows app to update multiple VP3300 from to Jan 19, 2021 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive dot NET SDK PDF and HTML documentation for ID TECH .NET SDK Jan 19, 2021 by Randy Palermo
ZIP Archive dot NET SDK Windows .NET SDK Demo App using .NET SDK v2.1.2.143 / App v2.1.1.100 Jan 20, 2021 by Randy Palermo
File Jan 21, 2021 by Randy Palermo

Tested Versions:

The ID Tech testing team validates the SDK/FW/App against individual devices and reports the version combination that passes all tests.  While the general case is the latest SDK/FW/App versions can be used for any device, the following list contains the SDK/FW/App versions that passed for an individual device.  Unlisted devices are currently under testing or scheduled for testing and should use the latest versions until test results are known.

  • PiP  SDK Ver: / Firmware Ver: PiP V1.00.005 / Demo App Ver:   
  • SREDKEY2 SDK Ver: /Firmware Ver: /Demo APP V2.0.1.7  

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