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How do I update the UniMag XML with an autoconfig profile?

Format an Autoconfig Profile


Autoconfig profiles are generated as such:


<autoConfigResult manufacturer=' ' model=' '>


The sample configuration is as such:




Extract the model number from the autoconfig result and use this as the first line of the node.


ex. Autoconfig Result <autoco….. model=”A12”>, XML formatted result <A12>


Support Status


Profiles confirmed by ID Tech have a per-device status label associated:


<support_status val="um2g=m;ump=m;um2=m;um2i=m;shuttle=m"> </support_status>


Note, ID Tech has assigned a value of “s” to devices which were confirmed through in-house testing methods.  Autoconfig or cloned profiles have a value of “m”.


Place a Formatted Profile into an XML


If the manufacturer category already exists, follow this and set the new profile within the associated section, otherwise, create additional manufacturers as necessary.


[profile may be set here]
  <existing profile>
  </existing profile>
[profile may be set here]
  <existing profile>
  </existing profile>
[profile may be set here]


There is an additional category supporting voice recognition prefixes.  Should the autoconfig result contain “usevoicerecognition”, then consider removing this from the profile and setting the updated one in the associated or newly created section.

[profile containing voice recognition, modified to have that line removed]