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I have a mobile reader and I want it to output data as if typed from a keyboard so I can fill out a web based form


None of our mobile readers support keyboard emulation, app support is required.  For audio jack readers, the mobile device only recognizes them as headsets unless there is software to send audio signals of the correct type.  For our other readers, they don't use keyboard drivers, even in the case of USB, these use USB-HID, which also requires software support.  In the case of UniMag for iOS, we have made a phonegap demo which is a software which can be launched and ran in the background.  After this, card swipe data can be passed via the plugin into a web browser.  This is the only way we can support web based forms with our mobile readers.

  1. Mobile readers do not emulate keyboard
  2. The UniMag has a phonegap SDK for web based development