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Quick Facts:

  • compact encrypting EMV chip card reader
  • supported interfaces of USB, UART, and RS232
  • NOT SRED certified (readers with out an enclosure cannot receive an SRED cert. on their own but CAN be part of a PCI certified solution)
  • USB cable 80035230-001
  • Uses NGA protocol
  • USB-HID Interface VID is 0xACD. PID is 0x3410
  • supports 2C (require cardholder confirmation through application selection) and 5C (no customer confirmations)

Manuals and Guides: 

  File Modified
PDF File 80000503-001 ID TECH TLV Tag Reference Guide.pdf Rev W Jun 23, 2022 by Chris Barton
PDF File 80161502-001 MiniSmart II User Manual.pdf Rev D May 25, 2021 by Chris Barton
PDF File Universal Demo QuickStart Guide.pdf Rev G Jul 29, 2020 by Chris Barton
PDF File MiniSmart II Command Reference 80161508-001.pdf Aug 02, 2019 by Chris Barton
PDF File EMV Transactions with Universal SDK.pdf A 26-page white paper on EMV and the Universal SDK. Aug 06, 2018 by Kas Thomas
PDF File Tech Note 011 -- Tags for Obtaining Encrypted Track Data.pdf Oct 30, 2017 by IT Admin-G



  File Modified
ZIP Archive Firmware update package; MiniSmart II .zip MP;Frmw;K21;MiniSmart II;L1&L2;V2.01.008, 12/28/2020 06:31:22 PM Dec 30, 2020 by Yan Mu


For the most recent .NET SDK information, click the link below.

Other SDKs:

  File Modified
ZIP Archive Universal C++ SDK V1.0.35.031 with Demo; Mac, Linux, Windows32/64, RaspPi 3 & 0,ARMv6,ARMv7,ARMv8,Ubuntu64 Apr 07, 2023 by Yan Mu
ZIP Archive Android Universal_SDK_Jar Android SDK V1.00.165, this is the latest version SDK to be used with the 80149807-001 and 80152803-001 packages Dec 19, 2022 by Yan Mu
ZIP Archive Android Universal SDK V1.00.164 supports Android v31 with VP3300 Demo for all interfaces, released on 10/25/2022 04:45 PM Oct 26, 2022 by Yan Mu
ZIP Archive MiniSmart II Android SDK Dec 23, 2016 by Jackson Grimm

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