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Step-by-step guide

1. Access the Menu - Tap the button as three dots or when this is absent, check for another icon to access the menu, or from the image, try instead pressing and holding either the back arrow, two rectangles icon, or the square shape, where these sometimes serve as menu shortcuts when the button is not available in view.

2. Select settings

3. Start AutoConfig

4. Then the application will try to send commands to the reader with different audio baud rate. You will see the percentage of progress going up.

5. Once the proper baud rate found and the reader receives handshaking message, it will return acknowledge response to application. Then the reader will be able to communicate with your phone. For some phones when it shows success after auto config, you need to re plugin the reader to send commands and receive response.
Or if the phone hardware does not meet the required audio jack spec, it will fail when reaches 100% trial.

ps. Make sure to maximize the volume.

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  1. Jackson Grimm, we seem to have lost the images or this article. can you fix?