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"CDA failed" usually means that the correct CAPKs are not loaded to the reader. You will need to figure out what CAPK is needed and then load it.


What CAPK is needed?

The Card:

Check the list: LIST OF CA PUBLIC KEYS

Card Brand:

What is the card Brand? Visa, MC AMEX, Discover, etc. Set the filter accordingly



Is it a test card or a live card? Test cards will usually say that they are test cards (printed on the card). Live cards do not. Search the page for "Test" or "Live". Find the first match that is NOT expired. This is very likely the CAPK that is needed

Load the CAPK:

How to load an EMV CAPK from a file using the uDemo

How do I set CAPKs (Certification Authority Public Keys? (L3 certification purposes)

Universal Demo QuickStart Guide.pdf