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1.How do I find out the type of the insert unit that I have by model number?

Please refer to the Product Identification section under the General Support Related Questions FAQ. If you do not find the information about your particular unit, please contact ID TECH directly

2. Which manual should I download for the insert unit that I have?

Find out from the model # (see above) which series (Spectrum I, II, or III) the reader belongs to and what interface type it is, if it is a smart card only, magnetic stripe only or a Combo unit. Then locate the correct manual accordingly from our website for downloading. (Contact ID TECH if the item is password protected or if you are not sure which one is the correct one for the model that you have).


3. I have a Model: IDT-833x-Txx-1xx0x-xx keyboard wedge type insert reader which outputs the card data with messages such as media detected, card seated, no data, card removed, etc., how do I get rid of these notification messages?

You can reconfigure the reader to disable these notifications by typing the following code in Notepad through the external PS/2 keyboard: (please use the number key above the Alpha letter keypads)

/e/d/fx 0
/e/d/fw 0

If the command is being accepted, the LED on the unit will flash Amber/Green 3 times. Otherwise, the LED won't respond. You can also verify the readers output in Notepad to confirm the setting is taking effect.

4. I have the same issue as above # 3, but the unit that I have is a SPT3-3xx-xx-xxxxx-xx, how to program the reader only output the magnetic card data?

Since your unit is a Spectrum III Mag Only insert reader, you can program it through the MOIR Configuration software (Link here to the software on our website) to disable the un-wanted notifications. (See screen shots below) following the steps below:

  1. connect the insert reader to the host port based on the interface type (power up the reader through external power adaptor if needed)
  2. Run the MOIR Configuration software
  3. Click the Select Reader Interface
  4. Select the interface by click on the Circle below the Connector pictures on the screen that matches the one that you have, then click the Continue button
  5. Click on Change Basic Reader Settings button,
  6. Click on the Read Option tab to get into the Option window, un-check the notifications that you do not need, then click the Send to MSR button to program the reader. Wait until the configure successful notification pops up, then exit from the software
  7. Verify the readers output in a text editor for USB/keyboard emulation unit or Hyper Terminal for RS232, USB/CDC interface unit

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