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1. Which platforms are supported by BTMAG?

The BTMag is a secure magnetic stripe reader that communicates with mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms through their Bluetooth interface. SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms. ID TECH also provides demo software for Windows PC; however, customers will need to develop the driver as SDK for Windows PC is not available. The source code of BTMag PC demo software is available upon reuest.

2. Which Android devices are supported by BTMAG?

A.BTMag supports Android devices with OS version 2.3 and above.

3.Where can I get the SDK to BTMag?

A.The SDK package is included in the evaluation kit. You may download the SDK from ID TECH website by entering the password given by ID TECH salesperson. Please note that the password is provided to customers who have purchased evaluation kit directly from ID TECH. If the reader is purchased through a reseller or a distributor, please contact them for SDK package.


4.How to run the BTMag PC demo software?


    1. Go to the [device and printer] to pair the BTMag with Windows PC Note: Pairing process should be completed within 1min after power on, otherwise BTMag will enter sleep mode (Green and Blue LED will flash together.) If the BTMag enters the sleep mode, you can short press the power button to wake up the BTMag from the sleep mode and repeat pairing process.
    2. Launch the PC Demo software and select [USB/Com Port Select] à [Bluetooth Mode]
    3. Click [Refresh] button
    4. Once the corresponding COM port is displayed on the right side of [Refresh] button, please click [Connect] button.
    5. After the demo shows “Open Bluetooth successfully”, please swipe a credit card.

  1. Verify the output format

5. The reader can be paired on Android, but it fails to connect in the demo, what should I do to make it work?

A.Please follow the instruction below to test the reader in demo app:

  1. Turn off BTMag and unpair any BTMag under phone settings
  2. Turn on BTMag (please make sure only one BTMag is powered on at the same time)
  3. Pair the BTMag under phone settings
  4. Launch BTMag demo application, click [Connect] and select ID TECH BTMag reader
  5. Wait until connection is established before swiping the card

6. When the BTMag or the phone/tablet is restarted, do I need to pair my phone or tablet with the BTMag again?

A. For Android devices, the pairing procedure is only required at the very first time using this phone/tablet. For IOS devices, the pairing is required each time after the BTMag or phone/tablet is restarted.

7. Does the BTMag support preamble and postamble?

A. Yes. You need to use our android or iOS API to add preamble/postamble. Please refer to the "preamble" and "postamble" section of the SDK user manual for details.

8. What are the USB/HID & USB/KB mode mentioned in your document for?

A. For BTMag, the swipe data only outputs via bluetooth interface. It does not emulate USB/HID or USB/KB. By using USB, you can charge the unit or send commands to configure the reader. The HID ID TECH Mode and a USB/KB mode can be used to configure the USB interface on the BTMag, but still it's not related to swipe data.

9. I tried to submit my app and received the following message from Apple,

“----- MFi - Program Authorization -----

We are unable to post your app to the App Store at this time because your app has not been authorized by the accessory manufacturer to work with the MFi accessory. Please contact the accessory manufacturer to request your app be added to the MFi Product Plan form.

Once the accessory manufacturer confirms that your app has been added to the MFi Product Plan form, please reply to this message. When we receive your reply with this confirmation, we can proceed with the review; we do not require a new binary even though your application state in iTunes Connect state is Rejected.

If you have not yet provided the accessory's MFi Product Plan ID (PPID), please enter this information in the Notes section for your app in iTunes Connect. If you do not know the PPID, please request this information from the accessory manufacturer. ”

A. Please submit your request to have your app added to the MFi program by emailing us at and provide the following information:

App Name: 
App Revision/Version (Rev. A/Version 2.0):
App Developer Name: 
Bundle Seed ID (com.example.newapp):

10. My Android device asks for a PIN during bluetooth pairing

Some Android devices may require the password, it is "0000".

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