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Welcome to the Development Home page for ID TECH products. If you know the platform for which you need to do development, click into the appropriate link below.

About the SDKs:

SDKs can be found on each products home page is the SDKs section. 

ID TECH's demo applications and uDemo:

uDeme is our main demo application it can be used to issue configuration commands; conduct EMV transactions; and to validate a readers functionality. uDemo has built in tools for support. A more simple version called .NET SDK Demo is available with source code to demonstrate application development with our .NET SDK. The .NET SDK Demo can be found on the Universal SDK for .NET/C#

Payment-app developers who need to fast-track the integration of ID TECH card readers into their POS (or other) systems can make headway quickly by taking advantage of ID TECH’s Universal SDK. The SDK provides libraries (and a common API) for manipulating all of ID TECH’s current-production card readers, including chip-card (EMV), magstripe (MSR), and contactless readers, in a number of languages (such as C# for Windows, Java for Android, Swift for iOS, and C for Linux).

You don’t actually need to install the SDK, however, to run the associated demo program, a standalone app that we call the Universal Demo, or UDemo (for short). You can get the UDemo (standalone version for Windows) by going here.

We recommend that all of our developer-customers become familiar with the UDemo app, because it illustrates (in detail) what the raw requests and responses (to and from the device) look like, allows you to configure a device with particular settings, and provides a playground where developers can easily test various commands using various argument values, in real time. UDemo is also a great way to learn more about EMV, too.

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