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9F1E EMV Tag Definition (EMV Lab)

Interface Device (IFD) Serial NumberUnique and permanent serial number assigned to the IFD by the manufacturerTerminalan 8

This Tag's length is 8 bytes. The serial number of many of our products is 10 bytes long. So, the value for this tag will consist of only the last 8 digits of the serial number. To retrieve the entire S/N of the device, check for the retrieve S/N command for that particular device. (e.g. the "784602" command can be sent to retrieve the entire S/N for the Augusta)

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Page: Augusta QC KB - How do I set my device serial number for an EMV transaction? (Knowledge Base)
... QC KB, or the Augusta during a standard EMV transaction?  EMV defined tag 9F1E to be able to hold some device serial number. It's 8 bytes long
Apr 23, 2018
Labels: augustas, kb-article, quickchip, kb, faq-item ... 3 more labels.
Page: FAQ and Reference - Augusta Quick Chip Keyboard (QCKB) (Knowledge Base)
... nibbles. For another example let's say we only wanted a single tag (9F1E) output in the return tags. We'd do the following for our terminal config: (sample ...
Dec 18, 2019
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PDF File EMV Transaction with Universal SDK.pdf (Knowledge Base > EMV Transaction with Universal SDK)
... 9F33), "Additional Terminal Capabilities (tag 9F40), "Interface Device Serial Number" (9F1E), "Tag Application Label" (tag 50), "Directory Discretionary Template" (tag 73 ...
PDF Document - 829 kB - Oct 17, 2019 - Download - Attachments
PDF File EMV Transactions with Universal SDK.pdf (Knowledge Base > Downloads - Home)
... 9F33), "Additional Terminal Capabilities (tag 9F40), "Interface Device Serial Number" (9F1E), "Tag Application Label" (tag 50), "Directory Discretionary Template" (tag 73 ...
PDF Document - 941 kB - Aug 06, 2018 - Download - Attachments
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PDF File MiniSmart II Command Reference 80161508-001.pdf (Knowledge Base > Downloads - Home)
... Identification an 8 8 9F1D Terminal Risk Management Data b 18 9F1E Interface Device (IFD) Serial Number (Default: 31 32 33 34 ...
PDF Document - 1019 kB - Aug 02, 2019 - Download - Attachments
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HTML File Parsomatic.html (Knowledge Base > Parsomatic. How to parse TLVs? How to parse transaction data (EMV, MSR or MSD)?)
... 9F14": ,"9F15": ,"9F16": ,"9F17": ,"9F18": ,"9F19": ,"9F1A": ,"9F1B": ,"9F1C": ,"9F1D": ,"9F1E": ,"9F1F": ,"9F20": ,"9F21": ,"9F22": ,"9F23": ,"9F26": ,"9F27": ,"9F29": ,"9F2A": ,"9F2D ...
HTML Document - 175 kB - Oct 24, 2016 - Download - Attachments
PDF File 80140505-001 Spectrum Pro Low Level API Manual.pdf (Knowledge Base > Downloads - Home)
... Additional Terminal Capability 5 F0 00 F0 A0 01 5 9F1E IFD Serial Number (write only one time) 8 01 02 ...
PDF Document - 2.76 MB - Sep 20, 2017 - Download - Attachments
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