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iMag Pro II on iOS 13 Release.pdf

Update!: ID TECH has confirmed that iOS 13.2 resolves the issue.

Quick Facts

  • Description: Mobile Reader for Apple mobile devices with a Lightening connector
  • Encrypting reader: fully supports TDES and AES data encryption using DUKPT key management method
  • Magnetic Stripe only reader. Bidirectional with 3 tracks readability (no contactless, no ICC)
  • Interface(s): Lightening connector for Apple mobile devices
  • Pass-through charging: through the micro USB port on the side (allows you to power the iPad or iPhone while the reader is connected)

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Other Downloads: 

Certifications, LoAs and TQMs: 

Type:Cert  Name:File:Notes:
Contact EMV:

Contact L1 VP5300 Contact L1 LoA.pdf

Contact L2

Contactless EMV

EMV L1 ContactlessVP5300 Contactless L1 LoA.pdf

AMEX L2 Contatless

VP5300 - AMEX Contactless Kernel - Update.pdf

VP5300 - AMEX Contactless Kernel.pdf

Discover L2 ContactlessVP5300 - Discover Contactless Kernel.pdf

Mastercard L2 ContactlessVP5300 - Mastercard Contactless Kernel.pdf

Visa L2 ContactlessVP5300 VISA LoA.pdf

Formerly China Union Pay


InteracVP5300 Interac Contactless Only.pdf


FelicaVP5300 Felica M class.pdf

EMV QuestionaireVP5300 - IDTECH Data Collection Sheet for EMV Network Questionnaires.docx

PCIVP5300 PTS Approval ID Tech.pdf

Mastercard TQM180713 - TQM SoC Labels (ID Tech) - TQM1030 TQM1031.pdfThis covers both contact and contactless






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